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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Specialist

Netherlands, Noord-Brabant, EindhovenMarketing

Job description

Where do visitors come from, what do they click on and why do they leave the website on that particular page? Do visitors find what they are looking for? Which recommendation suits this visitor? If I move this banner, what happens? These kinds of questions give you energy. Recognizable? Then this is the position for you!

Your gaming field / Your position

As a CRO Specialist, you make our platforms so accessible and user-friendly that most of our visitors become customers. With your sharp analyses and creativity, you know how to follow our target group from first to last touchpoint and create the ultimate customer journey with the help of A/B testing.

So what will you keep yourself busy with:

  • Optimizing the user experience and the commercial result of our website, mobile website and app

  • Examining the navigation, layout, user-friendliness and content

  • Gather qualitative feedback through research, questionnaires and polls

  • Collect quantitative (online) data and record digital behaviour

  • Drawing up well-founded hypotheses and testing them through A/B testing;

  • Analyzing the customer journey & the check out process

  • Reporting and discussing findings, insights and advice to colleagues

About Startselect

We help consumers worldwide make the most of their leisure time by selling digital games, in-game credits, gift cards and subscriptions. From Eindhoven, we are active in 20 countries in Europe, Oceania, North America and the Middle East. We work directly with renowned brands such as Google, Apple, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Activision and Netflix. Our customers simply and securely buy a code with their favourite payment method, after which they receive it directly on their screen and by email. No more going to the store or waiting for the postman: Start, Select, Play!

Job requirements

What can you bring into the game?

  • Completed education in (online) marketing, communication or UX

  • Sufficient baggage to structurally set up conversion optimization within Startselect, we are thinking of at least 5 years of experience as a CRO Specialist or similar, preferably in the e-commerce sector;

  • Knowledge and skills of:
    • Web analytics: interpreting (web) data and translating it into actions;

    • Usability: analyzing the visitor behaviour of visitors;

    • Psychology: being able to move in the mindset and behaviour of the target group;

    • Design & development: making designs based on research and behaviour;

    • Content: creating the right content based on research and behaviour;

    • Tools: Google Analytics, Hotjar and VWO / Optimizely or another test program

  • Professional level of the English language, both written and oral.

What do we bring into the game?

  • A full-time job at Europe's largest online store for games and digital entertainment

  • 50 top colleagues who are always up for a game in our game room or a game of table football

  • € 3.300 - € 4.000 gross per month, depending on your knowledge and relevant work experience

  • A 13th month in December

  • 25 vacation days on a full-time basis and the option to buy additional vacation days

  • Good pension scheme where we pay 50% of your premium

  • Possibility of hybrid work: 2 fixed days p/w at the office, the rest is allowed from home

  • Work from home allowance of € 2.00 per day

  • Travel allowance

  • Flexible working hours

  • Staff discount on our products

  • Opportunity for personal and professional development, it's up to you to take advantage of it!

  • Memorable company outings and free access to Gamescom: the largest game fair in the world (as soon as the corona measures allow this again)

Challenge accepted?

Click on the 'apply' button to introduce yourself!


Why work at Startselect?

Why apply?

Good question! Many of our employees once chose to work for us because of the industry in which we operate. The game industry and therefore our products and services appeal to many people. What is also decisive is the challenge that awaits them. You don't just end up in a bed that's ready to go, there is a lot that can still be built up or improved. That triggers people who love pioneering and who can create something beautiful from their specialism. Often, the vacancy, our ambitions and the growth potential of our company fit in well with the wishes and ambitions someone has for his/her next career step.

What makes Startselect unique?

We are more down-to-earth than a hip start-up, but more relaxed than a tight corporate. With about 40 employees, we are still a relatively small company that is developing, while the turnover and scope of our business is large.

What is the best about working at Startselect?

Helping to build and make an impact. The feeling that you can really contribute to the growth and success of the organisation. Achieving something every day that wasn't there yesterday, continuing to develop and in the meantime working together towards an ambitious company goal.

What our employees value most is the freedom and flexibility they are given. You get the freedom to develop and implement your own ideas and projects. You decide how you do your work and how you organise it, as long as the end result is good and the goals are achieved. And, of course, the great colleagues, pleasant and informal working atmosphere and the team spirit within our teams!

When is there not fit for me at Startselect?

Working at Startselect is not for everyone and that is okay. There are many reasons to start with us, but just as many reasons not to. You will probably not be happy with us if you have a strong need for structure, rules and stability. If you like to do things 'because that is how we always do them'. If you don't feel comfortable with the fact that the future of the company is also in your hands. If you work best within a strong hierarchy or like to come to work dressed in a suit. If you prefer to start the first year quietly, with not too much responsibility or big projects. If you find it difficult to show initiative and make things open for discussion. If you actually like the fact that your project and improvement plan first has to pass through three management layers before you can get to work. And if you don't like it that your contribution and work are noticed.