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Welcome at Startselect.

Are you our new colleague?

At Startselect we believe everyone should have the freedom to enjoy digital entertainment! We enable easy and instant digital access to all known entertainment platforms via a webshop with subscriptions, value cards, games, and in-game credits!

Since 2017 we are determined to transform the entertainment industry with our platform: and today we do this for millions of clients across the globe in more than 20 countries: all from our office in Eindhoven.

Featured jobs

We are currently looking for multiple positions for our office in Eindhoven. Check out all open positions today!


PHP Back-end Developer
Netherlands, Noord-Brabant, Eindhoven


Content Manager
Netherlands, Noord-Brabant, Eindhoven
Content Manager (2)
Netherlands, Noord-Brabant, Eindhoven
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Specialist
Netherlands, Noord-Brabant, Eindhoven
Loyalty & Personalization Marketeer
Netherlands, Noord-Brabant, Eindhoven
SEA Specialist
Netherlands, Noord-Brabant, Eindhoven
Trade Marketeer
Netherlands, Noord-Brabant, Eindhoven

No department


Internship Business Development
Netherlands, Noord-Brabant, Eindhoven

Meet your colleagues


Support "A day at is very diverse, no two days are the same. After seven years I still enjoy going to work!."


Designer "At Startselect you will have a lot of freedom and the opportunity to develop yourself further. They listen to you and think along."


Office manager "At Startselect, creativity and initiatives are highly rewarded. You get the chance to develop yourself continuously. And ofcourse you get to work with great colleagues!"


Performance marketing "We start with a 'stand-up': Is there any good news? What did you achieve yesterday and what are you going to achieve today?"

As a scale-up we get a kick out of building, growing and reaching our goals together. We're moving at high speed, so ownership, self reflection and flexibility is asked of every colleague.  Startselect has always been a company pushing the boundaries ever since online and digital have been on the rise. The speed and flexibility at which we can implement changes is the main reason for our continuous growth, this is how we became one of the fastest growing businesses in the digital game industry. 

You are in control. You get freedom and opportunities to develop yourself both personally and professionally. However, we expect you to take charge of your own path and proactively come up with proposals yourself.  We believe working hard is normal, but having fun is just as important. We also like to communicate in memes, gifs and puns in our groupchat. We lunch together, relax with a round of football or a game in our gameroom and toast to the weekend on Friday afternoon. There are regular company outings and of course there's our annual trip to Gamescom: the largest game fair in the world!

You’ll always find a listening ear and are encouraged to share your ideas. You get a lot of responsibility, trust and the opportunity to experiment and learn from it. At Startselect you can really make an impact, often you see the direct results of your work.

Our values guide us

We are committed to our values in both words and actions. Do you have the Startselect core values in you?

Driven We are determined to conquer the world of online gaming by proactively taking chances and showing smart entrepreneurship. 

Engaged We are committed to reaching our goals together. As a team, we constantly think of new ways to improve Startselect. 

Positive 'No can do' doesn't exist, we are always up for new challenges. We are convinced that the right attitude makes the difference between seeing problems and taking chances. 

Professional We take our profession seriously and this shows in our attitude and behaviour. We focus on the big picture by structurally working towards our goals with warranted and controlled processes.

Sincere We communicate to each other, our partners and our customers in an honest, clear and respectful way. 

How to join Startselect

1. Getting to know you

A call with HR & the hiring manager where we tell you all about the StartSelect and the role and give you plenty of time to ask questions

2. Follow-up conversation & assignment

If we give it a go you will meet two team members. Sometimes we will ask you to prepare a presentation or do a case. 

3. Reference check

We will ask you to provide two reference checks: a former manager and a colleague. Feedback will be shared with you.

4. Welcome

We will make the offer and then it’s all up to you. Of course, we hope you say ‘Yes’. Followed by an e-signature of the contract and an email to apply for a VOG.

Our office

Our office is a place to work together, get together and get inspired. The office is always open and our office manager will welcome you with snacks and a drink.

Address Hoevenweg 19 5652 AW Eindhoven